Saturday, 7 January 2017

Best All Terrain Double Stroller for 2017

Best All Terrain Double Stroller
There are several types of stroller apart from the standard to choose from and these include lightweight strollers, twin strollers, a stroller travel system, a triple stroller, a tandem stroller or a running stroller.

Double strollers have two seats and come with several seating arrangements. A traditional tandem stroller will seat the first child with a good view but the child behind can see very little. Tandem seating is like stadium seating where the rear seat is raised above the one in front and there is also face to face seating or a double jogger stroller for infant and toddler.

Running (or jogging strollers) allow you to bring your child or children along on a run. Jogging strollers have a triangular wheel base with two large wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front. An added safety feature is a wrist strap on the handle bar to prevent the stroller rolling away when you stop if you don’t get the brake on fast enough.

Triple strollers are unsurprisingly for three children. Seating arrangements can be side by side but most will have tandem or stadium seating.

All terrain double strollers are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and generally easier to fold and unfold and store in a car. They are terrific for short trips to the Mall or short walks but do not work well on all terrains. Umbrella strollers do have a tendency to tip back if anything is hung on the handles.

So called lightweight strollers also come with multiple seating but are slightly heavier than an umbrella stroller but slightly less than a standard stroller. Typically they fold in a single hand motion and look similar to a standard stroller.

Phil & Teds Vibe with Dbls kit

A convertible stroller is changeable from a lie-flat bed suitable for newborns to a sit-up stroller with a lie-back facility for naps.

A stroller travel system is also convertible and suitable for very young or newborns. Unlike the convertible stroller, it also comes with a car seat.

Bike strollers or trailers can also be found as two seated models and have 5-point harnesses to secure the child. They are attached to the rear wheel of the bike and easily converted from a trailer to a stroller.

If you have a very young baby and a toddler, you’ll need the type of stroller that will allow you to take them both out together in safety. Some of the twin side-by-side strollers or a double stroller travel system will do this.

Not cheap, but you may be able to find one second-hand. We like the new Bugaboo Donkey, however, it can be difficult to get as it’s new. In the meantime, Phil and Teds Vibe with a doubles kit is pretty good. You can see that by clicking on the picture on the left.

Friday, 23 December 2016

What is the Best Commercial Pressure Washer?

What is the Best Commercial Pressure Washer
Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer Review: The Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer is a pressure washer that isn’t deficient on, for a lack of a better word – power. It’s really one of the stronger power washers available, with more than enough for home use, as it borders on something that a professional may use for their projects. 

But, even though it may be a stronger power washer, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to cost a lot of money, as it really is cost-effective, although there are some out there that are cheaper. But, this is a pressure washer that should be heavily considered for more than a couple of reasons.

One of the first being that the motor was made by Honda, an automaker that has long been manufacturing some of the most innovative products, but definitely are not knew when it comes to making small engines, as most of the premier companies in power tools use their engines. 

In the Briggs product, it contains a very strong GC190 OHC engine, built for reliability and performance. The implementation also makes it pretty easy to start up, something that has long been a problem with many power tools that people have come in contact with.

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Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer Features and Specifications

2.5 max GPM flow rating


0-, 15-, and 40-degree and low pressure quick connect spray tips

70 pound product

1-year warranty

10-inch pneumatic wheels

25-foot high pressure hose

The Reviews

This heavy duty pressure washer is one that has a lot of fans, with tons of people happy with their choice in this product from Briggs. Most of the people talk about how much they enjoy the engine choice, as it was definitely one of the better choices. 

One reviewer said that “I like the choice they made in the engine, Honda makes some of the better gas powered small engines I’ve seen.”  This is one of the best commercial pressure washers.

Another said that “..the choice of a Honda engine was probably the best thing they could have done. I’m happy with it.”

Others have talked about how happy they were about the mobility of the product. Seeing as it’s not the smallest, as it weighs more than 70 pounds, it’s nice to know that Briggs considered movement. 

One reviewer said “I like the pneumatic wheels. If they weren’t on here – I’d be scared to move this thing around.” 

Another chimed in with something similar, saying: “I saw how heavy it was and wasn’t particularly too happy, but the wheels are responsive enough to make this thing move around pretty well.”

From what the people are saying, this Power Boss is a product that most people have been pretty happy with. Although it may be a little too powerful for some people’s taste, those that are looking for something strong will love what this has to offer. 

Factoring in that it has a Honda engine should surely make a person consider it, because if anything, people understand that Honda really does make some of the best small engines. They’ve long been known to stand the test of time, and when a person really wants something – they want it to last.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Best Pots and Pans Set For the Money Reviews 2017

Best Pots and Pans Set For the Money Reviews 2017
This is a 11 piece non stick cookware set designed for residential

Anolon was established in 1989. It is manufactured by Meyer who is a world leader in cookware manufacturing and was founded in 1981. Analon was the first to combine a copper bottom base and hard anodized bodies in its pots.


This cookware will last and is a great buy considering how long you will use them.

“I think they are worth every penny! A friend of mine also purchased the entire set after using mine on a recent visit, he liked them so much.”


The hard anodized construction of this cookware set allows heat to flow evenly across the cooking surface which provides an even distribution of heat across the totality of the pan. This helps to eliminate hot spots and helps to cook food without burning.

“The pans heat up well and heat up evenly, I even left some sautéed spinach in the pan while I was distracted for a minute by the phone - no burning, no sticking, just yummy spinach.”


The Anolon Advanced cookware set utilizes DuPont Autograph 2 technology, one of the most durable non-stick surfaces available today. It is even stated that it is ok to use metal utensils on this surface although I may have a hard time bringing myself to test that theory!

“This is the most non-stick set I've ever used. Food doesn't really stick at all, even if I get distracted and leave something on the heat for too long.”


Built to last these pots and pans are made out of an hard anodized material which is 3 times stronger than stainless steel. That is durable!

“This Anolon cookware set is heaven sent. Even I will have a hard time destroying its hard anodized surface. And the silicon handles are to die for! Once you pick up these babies you feel like you are holding quality and the lids look to be durable as well with the same silicon handles.”


We all love to cook and for most of us that means we will inevitably burn something. The superior non stick coating of these pots really helps to make the cleanup of our little mistakes a whole lot easier.

“When I came inside, the entire kitchen was full of smoke! All the water had boiled off and now the turkey carcass was just burning. There was a TON of black burnt gunk on the bottom of the stock pot. I thought for sure it was ruined. No way! The burned parts just flaked right off I didn't even have to scrub! Awesome! I was so happy. It is a great set.”


· Shipping weight: 28 pounds

· 15 quart and 3 quart covered sauce pans

· 4 quart covered sauce pot

· 8 and 10 inch open skillets

· 3 quart covered sauté pan


· Durable

· Lifetime limited warranty

· Tight fitting lids

· Oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

· Larger sauce pan

· Glass lids


· Non stick interiors will eventually break down

· Cleaning around the rivets can be tricky

· Glass lids may break


“The first thing I have to say about the best set of pots and pans is that they look great on the outside, but unlike enamel cookware, the outside is non-stick, and cleans really easily. That alone is awesome, and there's much more...”

“There is just one thing I have an issue with...”

The Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard Anodized Non Stick 11 Piece cookware set is highly recommended by our Editor and is the Editor’s Choice!

After a detailed price search for the best price online Amazon wins.